Spare parts

We manufacture individual parts and mass produced components according to technical drawings or sample parts provided by customers. We can quickly prepare an offer based on drawings.

Our production facility is equipped with many machines and equipment for the execution of customer orders. We have conventional machines, such as lathes, milling and grinding machines, which are required for single-part machining, as well as CNC-controlled machines (CNC milling machines, CNC lathes), which are used for complex machining, precision machining and mass production.

Our production is supported by a well-equipped workshop, that has hardening furnaces, presses, etc. at its disposal.

Haas – CNC milling machine
Haas VF2 SS + 4 axes
Operating parameters:
Working range: x 756 mm, y: 406 mm, z: 508 mm
Milling spindle: 12 000 U/min.
Electronic indexing head: fi 250 mm.
CNC turning: Turning Center
Gildemeister CTX 400 TWIN
Turning center with driven tool
+ Counterspindle for two-sided machining of the workpiece.
- Maximum turning diameter: 250 mm
- Maximum turning length: 500 mm
Wire WEDM:
FANUC C600iA + Module for diamond cutting PCD + Module for smoothing the surface
- Maximum working range 1050x820x300 mm
- Working range axes X, Y 600 x 400 mm
- Working range axis Z 310 mm
- Working range axes U, V +/- 100 mm x +/- 100 mm
- Wire diameter ϕ 0,1 mm ~ ϕ 0,3 mm
- Maximum wire pitch +/- 30st/150mm
Conventional machines:
- Universal / tool lathe - equipped with two digital displays
- Tool milling machine AVIA - equipped with digital displays
- Grinding machine for shafts and openings RUP
- Grinding machine for shafts
- Surface grinder - 2 pieces
- Tool grinder
We are also well equipped with additional devices that are indispensable for production such as:
- Hardening furnaces 2 pieces
- Hardness tester
- Presses (screw press, hydraulic press, eccentric press)
- Tool grinder
- Sandblaster
- and other equipment