Labeling machines

We build labeling machines for specific packaging types and product groups:
– flat packaging, one label
– flat packaging, two labels
– round packaging, one label ( rotation devise )
– round packaging ( rotation belt )
– round packaging, two labels ( rotation devise )
– round packaging, three labels ( front label, back label, bottle neck labels )
– Special machines for labeling of different packaging types (boxes, formless packaging, cylindrical packaging, bottom and other labeling )

Filling machines for filling lines

Automatic filling machines. There are different types of filling machines, which differ in the filling method :
1. Pressure Overflow Filler. Machines used to fill non-foaming liquids, fertilizers, distilled water, juices and many others.
2. Vacuum filling machines are ideal for filling of glass packaging. Gentle filling, non-foaming products (for example vegetable oil).
3. Filling using pulse, mass and electromagnetic flowmeters. These types of machines can fill all types of products in all types of packaging.
4. Filling machines that use pistons for dosing. These types of machines can be equipped with a fixed or adjustable dosage.

We also manufacture semi-automatic filling machines that work in a similar way to automatic machines, with the difference that the feeding and removal of the packages is done manually. The measurement in this type of machine is done in the same way as in automatic filling lines.

Capping machines

Capping machines, depending on the type of closure we can use different capping machines :
– Single filler
– Single filler with closure feeding
– Roll on capping machines
– Roll on capping machines with closure feeding
We conduct projects according to the specifications of our customers. We can also build semi-automatic machines.


Tables for feeding and removing of products

Turntables are manufactured in the diameters from 500 mm to 2000 mm according to the needs of the customers.

Made of stainless steel, with adjustable speed.

Depalletizer and palletizer stations with robots.

Conveyor Systems

We build individual conveyor belts and complete conveyor systems - Plate belt conveyors
- Conveyor belts
- Worm screw conveyors
- Feeding system for caps

Peripheral devices

Positioning systems, stoppers, turning stations, storage tables and more